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Colliers Wood Chorus was the result of a happy combination of Christopher, Antonia and an idea all being present in the same room in 2006. Making Colliers Wood Happy had invited Streatham Voices to sing for them, and at its next meeting, Colliers Wood residents decided they wanted a piece of the action.

The first rehearsal at St Joseph's, 19th September 2006 Photo: Matthew Marks
Colliers Wood Chorus' second ever rehearsal

The choir's first rehearsal was held in Christopher's conservatory on Tuesday 12th September, to which 12 people came. It then moved to St Joseph's Church Hall, and only three months later held its first concert, with Streatham Voices, in the church.

Needing more space and wanting to avoid a religious affiliation, the choir moved to Colliers Wood Community Centre, changing its rehearsal day to Monday to suit the availability of the upstairs room. It continued to grow, and in September 2008 was formalised with a constitution, a committee, and our first chairman, Les Bass (well with a name like that...). This also allows it to apply for grants. Having outgrown the community centre, it moved to the Guardian Centre in November 2008 where it has been based ever since.

How rehearsals look nowadays: 28th September 2015 Photo: Matthew Marks
About 60 people at a rehearsal

In 2009, Christopher decided that the choir was in danger of turning into a choral society, changing its sound and losing its intimate nature, so numbers were limited to about 75 and a waiting list was instigated. Even so, we just about fill the Guardian Centre.