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Colliers Wood Chorus - Constitution

The Choir

  • The Choir shall be called "Colliers Wood Chorus" or CWC for short

  • It shall be non-political and non-sectarian and open to all members of the Colliers Wood community and neighbouring areas

  • The Choir will assist and support such Charitable Institutions or purposes as the Committee shall from time to time determine


  • To foster the enjoyment of making music of good quality with fellow members of the community and encouraging social bonds between its members

  • To encourage community cohesion through public performances for and by the community


  • The Officers of the Choir shall consist of the Chair, Administrator, Membership Secretary, Treasurer and Librarian


  • Management of the Choir shall be conducted by a "Committee" consisting of the Chair, Administrator, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Events Coordinator, Membership Secretary and Librarian and up to five floor members. (The Musical Director and Accompanist will attend meetings EX OFFICIO [without voting rights].)

Election of Officers and Committee

  • The Officers and Committee of the Choir shall be elected each year by a Majority of the Members voting, by a ballot if necessary, at the Annual General Meeting which shall be held at the last rehearsal of the summer term, or at a Special General Meeting in the case of resignations

  • The Committee shall meet once a Term (there being three Terms per year) and at other times when business warrants. A quorum shall be formed by three members of the Committee (including any two of the following: Chair, Administrator and Treasurer) or one third of the total number of Committee members, whichever is the greater

  • At the first Committee Meeting following the Annual General Meeting, the Committee shall plan the forthcoming year's events, budget and strategy and confirm the appointment of the Musical Director and Accompanist


  • Members are expected to attend 70% of rehearsals in order to participate in performance - the Musical Director may exert his/her discretion in allowing exceptions. Attendance is noted in the register. Non-attendance will be followed up if it extends to more than 3 weeks in a row (without prior notification). This is in order to ensure members are not being excluded or discriminated against in any way, and to maintain good relations between members, and between the members and the Committee

  • Punctuality and common courtesy are expected at all times and discipline maintained during rehearsals and performances

  • Members are responsible for their own music, and any replacements will need to be paid for by themselves, respecting copyright law

  • For good and sufficient reason the membership of any individual may be terminated by the decision of the Committee PROVIDED that the individual shall have the right to be heard by the said Committee before any decision is made final


  • The Membership subscription rate shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting

  • Membership fees will consist of a standard and a reduced rate

  • The reduced rate shall apply at the discretion of the Chair

  • Guests will not be charged for their first rehearsal, after which a guest rate will apply

  • Membership fees are payable at the first rehearsal of each term. Fees for the year are determined at the Annual General Meeting. Staged payments can be agreed at the discretion of the Chair

  • The Financial Year of the Choir shall terminate on 31 March with the financial position of the Choir being reviewed each Term by the Committee

  • Reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred by members on the authorised business of the Choir will be reimbursed at the discretion of the Treasurer if under £50, and the Committee if £50 or over. An additional allowance is made for the Musical Director and the Accompanist for rehearsals and performances

  • A suitable bank account shall be maintained in the name of the Choir and operated under the signatures of any two of the signatories (Chair, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer)

  • Membership fees, professional fees and rehearsal venue rent for the year are reviewed at the Annual General Meeting

  • Choir finances and records will be maintained and open for independent inspection at any time


  • All printed and published music is the property of the Choir and must not be sold, copied or loaned without sanction from the Committee

  • Sheet music must be returned to the Choir in the event of membership lapsing

  • Copies will be made available for guests, which must be returned at the end of rehearsal

  • The choice of music shall be made by the Musical Director but repertoire requests are taken seriously into consideration

  • Programme selection for concerts shall be in the hands of the Musical Director and Accompanist


  • A Special General Meeting may be called with 14 days' notice at the request of at least 20 members of the Choir or the majority of the Committee

  • The Rules of the Choir shall only be altered at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting duly called

  • If, upon the winding up or the dissolution of the Choir, there remains ANY property whatsoever after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, the same shall not be distributed amongst the members of the Choir but shall be given or transferred to some Charitable Institution or Institutions having objectives similar to the objectives of the Choir, such Institution or Institutions to be determined by the members of the Choir at or before the time of dissolution and in so far as effect cannot be given to such provision then to some Charitable objective

  • The up to date Constitution shall be displayed on the Choir's website. New members shall be directed to its location

  • A copy of the Constitution, as it exists at the time of their joining or their subsequent request, shall be given to each member

Dated 17th July 2017